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Mike Brubaker has presented numerous seminars to a variety of audiences including Appraisers, Mortgage lending professionals, Title Companies, Realtors, Homeowners Associations and the general public.

He has developed and presented a number of popular seminars including:

  • “IT DEPENDS” – The answer to all appraisal questions,
  • Learn To Love Your Appraiser,
  • Size (Really Does) Matters, Reduced Appraisal Formats,
  • Brubaker’s 60 Second Appraisal Review,
  • Mortgage Fraud – Who Really Gets Hurt?
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Appraisals (But Were Too Mad To Ask)
  • Avoiding Liability As A Residential Appraiser
  • Accelerated Change – Re-thinking How We Live and Work
  • The Houston Housing Market – Continuously Updated
  • What is ANSI?
  • The Graying of America
  • Suggestions to Make Your Appraisal Process Smoother
  • Is It Really Bias
  • An Appraiser’s Perspective on Fraud

In addition, Mike teaches has taught for the Appraisal Institute. Classes taught here include Appraisal Principles and Appraisal Practice. He also teaches seminars for the Appraisal Institute.

A quick list of some of the recent groups Mike has spoken to include:

  • National Association of Professional Mortgage Women – Southwest Regional meeting In Amarillo – An Appraiser’s Perspective on Mortgage Fraud.
  • National Association of Professional Mortgage Women – Southwest Regional meeting In Amarillo – Changes to the Standard Appraisal Report Forms.
  • National Association of Professional Mortgage Women – Houston – Investment Lending, An Appraiser’s perspective.
  • Texas Mortgage Brokers meeting in San Antonio – “It Depends”
  • Houston Association of Mortgage Brokers – The New Appraisal Report Forms.
  • Houston Mortgage Bankers Association – The New Appraisal Report Forms.
  • Heights homeowners association – Property Values in the Neighborhood.
  • Houston Independent Real Estate Brokers Association. – How the New Appraisal Report Forms Affect Realtors.

IT DEPENDS is a favorite among Houston area Realtors and has been presented at many local Realtor offices and Title Companies. Mike is a regular guest speaker at many Realtor training seminars.

Some of the skills they have learned include:

  • Valuing difficult properties for listing purposes
  • How to interact with mortgage and appraisal professionals
  • Preparing sellers for realistic property pricing
  • Aiding clients in investment decisions
  • Aiding clients in “renovate or relocate” decisions

If you think your group will benefit from a Brubaker seminar, give our office a call at 713-464-4666 or complete the Seminar Inquiry form to the right. We’d like to help.

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