Appraiser Independence Regulations & HR 4173

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HVCC has come and gone. That doesn’t mean HVCC is dead. It has been replaced by HR 4173, otherwise known as “The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009”. The core principles of HVCC were effectively adopted by HR 4173 with no substantive changes to the basic tenets of HVCC.

With respect to appraiser independence safeguards, HR 4173 basically duplicates HVCC. If you understood HVCC, you will understand HR 4173 and the corresponding APPRAISER INDEPENDENCE REGULATIONS promulgated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

One thing is for certain – lenders and investors are going to demand more structure with more rules. The trick is to stay compliant with Appraiser Independence Regulations while still securing high-quality appraisals from knowledgeable and experienced appraisers. That’s where Brubaker and Associates, Inc. can be of service.

Our appraisal ordering process furnishes the systems that provide the firewall separating mortgage loan production staff from appraisers, as is now required.

Our system allows our lender clients to order appraisals and track their progress through our web site. In addition, our customers can set their own “notification” levels to satisfy their own needs. Our system will notify them of status changes during the appraisal process.

Imagine this; Local, knowledgeable appraisers, providing you with the highest quality customer service and the best quality appraisals, all while complying with Appraiser Independence Regulations.

Appraiser Independence – it’s not so bad after all. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you provide top quality service and appraisals for your customers. They deserve the best.


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